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Quantum Media Patent Global Release

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The Quantum Media Global Patent was released on March 1, 2018 in the United States

Quantum Media Online Hot Sale

Quantum Water Base each Bottle of 10G at US$88

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Quantum Isothermal Heat-transfer Medium (QIT Medium)

Quantum Technology Group invented QTG Medium

QTG Medium is a specially designed heat transfer material made by nanoparticles with various sizes and physical properties. It enhances the performance of all heat transfer medium. It can be dispersed in conventional heat transfer fluids such as water, alcohol, thermal oil and etc., to form a new heat transfer medium with high thermal conductivity. Its multiphase state and electrical/magnetic property, ensures dynamic corrosion inhibition, induces strong coupling among transport processes, and thus results in mesh-effect heat transfer. Filling in the closed cavity of heat transfer devices, QTG Medium provides low/high-temperature isothermal heat transfer, and even thermal superconductivity.

The unique technology:

1. Capable for various base fluid without changing of product structure;
2. Its suspension in deionized (DI) water with a volume fraction of 1%, has a thermal flux double that of water;
3. Provides low-temperature isothermal heat transfer, and even thermal superconductivity,
once filled in the closed cavity of heat transfer devices;
4. High-temperature (the fluid temperature is 600 ℃) isothermal heat transfer;
5. Non-hazardous, in compliance of international environmental standards;
6. Long lifespan up to 100000 hours.

The value proposition:

1.Improve efficiency, energy saving;
2.Achieve the heat pipe effect in large-scale heat transfer devices;
3.Reduce product volume, and lower the cost;
4.Innovate thermal products with low-/high-temperature isothermal heat transfer;
5.Extend the lifespan of product and heat transfer medium.

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