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Health & IoT

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Global DataBank is the provider of the world’s first end-to-end "privacy-safe" environment empowering individuals and small businesses with absolute privacy and control of their data. Users can conduct their daily online and offline digital activities safely and securely in a private network with integrated services tailored for the most common applications from calendar, notes, sharing of moments to messaging-voice-video communications, email and storage access. Data generated is dynamically collated and stored with end-to-end encryption in four dimensions of Time, Space, Scene, Experience giving users uncompromised privacy, control and reliable access to their data.

A Global DataBank account comes with a set of empowerment tools, a thoughtfully integrated app to enable your new "privacy-safe" living.

Secure Integrated Calendaring, Social, Email and Messaging App

Private, end-to-end encryption with total control over your data

Messaging, Secret chat and Moments

Private encrypted chats, secret mode, share, connect with friends safely

Encrypted email

Secure closed network email solution

Free voice and video calls

Voice and video, call-to-email, conferencing and message recording

No exploitation

Your data, your privacy, your control

Data continuity

Collate your data safely over a lifetime

Delete Forever

Low level shredding of your data, total removal, no trace, no copies


An encrypted digital safe for everything

Health & IoT

The future of digital health and sensory internet-of-things (IoT) will have significant impact to the way we live. Analysis of the huge data generated from these devices will need accurate interpretation and more importantly privacy you can trust. The analytic outcome to serve our well-being or for the protection of our home and office has to be absolutely safe, reliable and private.

As your trusted provider, GDB has both the service process to ensure privacy and the technology to integrate only FDA approved medical devices to produce the reliable analytic outcome. As a value-add, our analysis will also go beyond the physical device limitation to give you added dimensions of predictive, real time and correlational data analytics on your health data.

GDB is currently developing a suite of medical grade health device solutions and other IoT services.

Technology made relevant:


Global DataBank Group (GDB) is founded in 2015 with registered entities in USA, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. It is part of the Anderson Group, an international investment holding group with presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Shanghai, Beijing and Munich.

GDB is the provider of the world’s first end-to-end "privacy-safe" environment empowering individuals and small businesses with absolute privacy, control and storage of their data.

Our all-in-one application and repository system is a complete service solution for data privacy. At the core of our end-to-end encrypted platform architecture is the assurance of content blindness, where GDB has zero visibility to all data stored in our warehouse.

Our "privacy-safe" platform service ensures maximum safety and productivity by integrating the four dimensions of Time, Space, Scene, Experience in your daily online activities. Through the use of our all-in-one application on mobile and on the desktop, you get access to functions like calendar, note, share, storage, messenger, VOIP, video conference and email, everything protected with end-to-end encryption.

With integration to FDA approved medical grade devices and other IOT services, GDB completes the value proposition of being the trusted home for your digital future for long term security of data and ownership without fear of exploitation.

GDB Trusted for privacy

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Mr Chan Ki

Mr Chan Ki

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Chan Ki is an innovator, entrepreneur, educator, thinker and investor with a global vision. He has a luminous track record and an inspiring success story in creating value in growing companies, developing innovative breakthroughs, patents and delivering high returns on investment in projects from science and technology to real estate development. As chairman of Anderson group, Mr Chan’s leadership has set many milestones for the organisations that have benefited from his wealth of knowledge and guidance.

In 1999, Mr Chan through Anderson Information Technology led the successful listing of in NASDAQ which was the first Asian internet company to be publicly listed in the US. Its share price grew more than a thousand percent at its peak. Over the years, Anderson Information Technology has invested and acquired more than 10 US tech companies, including oCen Communications Inc, the first Internet communications service provider (VoIP) connecting US to Asia. Anderson Information Technology also invested in other technologies including wavelet compression algorithm chip, ADSL, VOD, IEEE1394 digital cable and network caching. In addition, Asia Logistics Technologies led by Mr Chan as co-chairman was established as a leading Internet E-supply chain logistics provider in Asia ahead of its time.

In 2011, Mr Chan founded Quantum Technology Group (QTG) after years of closed door R&D on a break-through quantum isothermal heat transfer technology. This technology was the world’s first and in the same year won the Bavaria Innovation Award in Germany. Currently QTG has over 350 international patents. Since its launch of the world's first 360°C isothermal heat industrial dryer and 100% thermal efficient pipe conductors, the company has established collaboration with more than 20 leading international industrial groups. Mr Chan’s goal is to commit QTG to developing the next generation thermal management products to substantially help industries save energy and contribute to global reduction of carbon emissions.

In 2015, concerned with implications of data commercialisation and technology trends, Mr Chan established Global Databank Group (GDBG) as the world’s first data bank to empower individuals their rights to privacy and data ownership.

Additionally in real estate, Mr Chan has led Anderson Land Limited to invest in the redevelopment of Tianjin Old City project with the Hong Kong New World Group (a renowned Hong Kong financial group). The consortium first developed Xin’an Shopping Plaza followed by Xin’an Garden in addition to other projects. Anderson Land also jointly invested with Morgan Stanley Global Real Estate Fund in several real estate projects in Shanghai with Morgan Stanley Global Real Estate Fund. Anderson land has constructed a series of real estate with total building area of over of 1.2 million sqm. It currently holds investment properties totalling more than 60,000 sqm of rental space in Shanghai, China and overseas.

An avid reader with an inquisitive mind, Mr Chan is exemplary of lifelong learning. His great passion for education and charitable attitude has led him to make significant contribution as visiting professor in Tianjin Chenjian University since 1993 and active funding for education. He is the Honorary President of both the Tianjin Chinese Culture Association, Chaoshan District Galaxy Award Fund and Thai Hua Pao Daily News Journalists Welfare Association of Thailand. Mr. Chan has also funded educational scholarships in various universities including Tianjin University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Lord Mandelson

Mr Steven Ng

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr Steven Ng is a veteran senior executive in the IT & Telecoms industry with a lustrous career in AT&T, Gartner, Pacific Internet and several other leading tech companies. In strategic management roles, he has led transformational change to legacy businesses, turnaround under served markets, and spearheaded numerous new product development initiatives. A thought leader and an astute change agent, he has developed multiple M&A strategies which resulted in major acquisitions worth $100 million in revenues.

In his earlier career, he was Managing Director for AT&T (Asean) and was amongst the pioneer Asia Pacific leadership team in the formation of Concert Global Networks in 1999, a joint venture of AT&T and BT. He was also one of AT&T's "Top Dog" awardees for business success in international IP connect services. In Gartner, he received the Global Value Recognition award for "Integrity" in 2004 and was amongst the top performing region leaders for consecutive years. In other responsibilities, he has headed multiple businesses including a facility based network service operation and played significant leadership role in the incubation of startup capabilities and launching of new cloud services. As an entrepreneur and educator, he had started a management consulting company, played the role of a mentor to startups and have trained many aspiring executives in a government funded "Technopreneurship Programme".

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