for your personal and private living

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Allowing important people to do important things

Hide your identity online

Through Grey network your IP is invisible to everyone giving you anonymous access to the internet

Protect your data with encryption

You have full control to encrypt everything with Grey Network, we maintain zero knowledge of your content

Privacy anytime anywhere

Browse, Organise, Communicate and Store with GreyApp as your service companion for all your privacy needs anytime, anywhere

Store your data in permanent safety

Keep your encrypted data safe in GreyNetwork, backup to physical iGreyBox offline

Pay anonymously online

Transact anonymously with no credit reference or bill statement through GreyPay, your personal information is protected from abuse

Introducing GreyApp

Get access to a highly secured GreyNet to protect your privacy online and offline

GreyApp is the world's first end-to-end "privacy-safe" service, empowering you with absolute control of your most personal and private living. GreyApp comes with a suite of integrated services to let you Browse, Organise, Communicate and Store.

Everything encrypted.

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Access Anytime Anywhere

GreyApp is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device. Grey maintains zero knowledge of your data. Your privacy is always in your control.

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